Kensho Hemp seed facial oil contains a cocktail of nutrients such as zinc, vitamins A, C, E & Omegas 3 & 6. This is a non-comedogenic oil, meaning it moisturises without clogging pores, allowing your skin to breath while soaking up all the goodness.


Replenish the levels of polyunsaturated fats in your skin. Allow Kensho's facial oil to aid in the rebalancing of your skin, to create a youthful & flawless look.


• Helps prevent signs of ageing

• Enhances natural glow

• Firms skin

• Repairs scarred or marked skin

• Moisturises without clogging pores

• Soothes irritation and inflammation

• Regulates natural oil production

• Prevents breakouts

• Clears up acne 

• Repairs dry skin

• Rejuvenates and resurfaces

• Encourages new cell generation


Light texture


Fast absorbing

Suitable for all skin types

Fragrance free

Kensho Organic Hemp Seed Facial Oil 100ml

SKU: Hem/100/Dro/Org
  • Botanical oils are sensitive to oxidation. Recommended to store in a cool, dark place and keep sealed in existing bottle.