My body is a temple - so smother me in hemp oil.

Let’s talk about polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFA’s as they are known.

PUFA’s naturally occur in our bodies, and when deficient in our skin, we can see

imbalances like Acne and scaly skin.

If you are a beautiful soul living with Acne and have ‘tried everything’ - giving Hemp Seed Oil a

go could be the answer for you. Replenishing the levels of PUFA’s in your skin will aid in the

rebalancing required to fight Acne.

Zinc and Vitamin E are also cited to be part of the skin deficiencies which lead to

won’t be too surprised to hear that Hemp Oil contains ALL of these beauties.

Spots are typically a product of blocked pores. Hemp Seed Oil does NOT clog pores; so your

skin can soak up all the oily goodness and still breath. Many products offered to fight acne

totally dry out the skin, stripping away essential skin oils too, and leave uncomfortable side


100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil will deeply moisturise the skin, but will not inhibit the native air

cycle necessary for a healthy balanced body. It strengthens your natural skin barrier, allowing

the skin to complete its daily rejuvenation cycle.


You may have read of some controversy around PUFA’s in products (they already naturally

exist in the body).

As always with Mother Earth’s plethora of natural ingredients, we must treat them with love, care

and respect. So let’s clear a few things up: products containing PUFA’s need to be made and

stored in the right way, or they can have un-beneficial, detrimental effects, especially when

mixed with unhealthy products.

Kensho Oil is totally organic, purely containing pressed hemp seeds. Try to keep it in the box

- so the oil is not affected by light. Keeping your Kensho in the fridge is recommended to take

good care of the oil, as temperature control allows it to retain its natural magic.


Now you know how to make PUFA’s work for you, we present the seed oil that contains the

HIGHEST levels of PUFA’s in all of nature : Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.

Alongside restoring oil balance, it promotes new cell generation, to combat any scarring left

behind. A wonderfully double sided coin if ever we heard of one.

This makes it an extremely effective tool to combat Acne. We’re not claiming soulless

miracle cures here, we are presenting the science of skin deficiency, and an earthy, natural

remedy that works.


Be a natural being - put natural products on your skin - feel nature soothe your imbalances from

the outside in.

Any human imbalances that occur, are a product of experience and environment. Making the

move to natural products is key to addressing our environment. To address our experience, we

must look to our insides with love for every inch of our physical and ethereal bodies.

In short; love yourself, forgive yourself, breathe deeply, and allow your skin to do the same.



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