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A remedy for Eczema, Psoriasis and those annoying little red bumps on the back of the arms. It can be difficult to get all the Omega oils we need; a growing conscious shift into plant based diets, against a ‘traditional’ way to attain these fatty acids through eating fish.

As it turns out, Mother Earth doesn’t require us to pack our stomachs with little swimmers or take fish oil supplements as previously thought. We can mindfully rub our beautiful bodies in hemp seed oil. What a joyful discovery.

When fats are eaten or ingested in supplements, they get broken down by the liver. It is much more effective to rub these fats into your skin so it can absorb into your veins , then you get all the goodness on the inside, straight into the bloodstream.

Our skin is our biggest organ after all, it makes perfect sense that topically is the finest way to get these essentials. Something to think about when rubbing anything into your skin, make it natural! Otherwise you are sending chemicals and unwanted ingredients directly into your blood.

That’s no good at all.

What happens when we are low in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids?

A deficiency in these will manifest itself as dry or inflamed skin, which can move into common but highly irritating skin conditions: Eczema and Psoriasis.

Have you ever had those annoying little red bumps that appear on the back of the arm? (Medically known as hyperkeratinization of hair follicles, but we prefer the term annoying little red bumps.) No one likes those guys. Hemp Seed Oil can help to rebalance the skin and shift these out too.

Side note: Walnuts also contain Omegas! A lesser known fact, but if you’re missing Omegas from your diet, rubbing hemp on your body and snacking on walnuts will be very beneficial to correct this. And yum, they’re tasty.

Eczema and Psoriasis are different conditions, but with similar symptoms; red and sore scaly skin, accompanied by it’s annoying cousin; the horrendous itch. The essential oils found in Hemp Seed reinstate the needed barrier our skin should naturally create. The light and gentle touch of Kensho oil can recreate a healthy cell membrane, so that needed nutrients are exchanged healthily … We like to think of this bit as enabling our cells to speak to each other in their own language.

Start the hemp revolution in your body; allow your skin to have chit chats all day long.

From cell to cell, nourish your skin and your insides with an organic, natural product.


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