Why I use Hemp Seed Oil on my Hair

Firstly just a quick admission; I write for Kensho and kindly get paid for my work (thank you Lauren and team). I research and write about the amazing properties of Hemp, and then share with you how Kensho will benefit your know how these blogs work. I had to get that out there - because this one comes straight from me, and my recent experience with Kensho oil use on my hair.

I will start with this; I AM IN LOVE AND MY HAIR LOVES IT TOO! Here’s why;

It’s the kind of oil that doesn’t feel oily, it soaks in and dries very quickly, so you won’t end up with super oily pillow cases, or a shiny forehead. It’s just so light and absorbent.

I am someone who hates getting their hair cut (I guess I like ‘beach hair’ and not so keen on the prim, proper ‘just cut' look). Hemp oil has actually revolutionised my hair care! I would normally spend a good 10, sometimes 15 minutes brushing the knots out of my hair with lashings of conditioner. No more! I haven’t had hair this soft and knot free since I left magical Ayurvedic oil on for three whole days after a Shirodhara Head Massage in India.

I have dry ends, they split because I don’t get my hair cut regularly enough. I am forever sorting that very annoying matted half dread lock that appears at the back of the head after wearing a hat or even just jewellery that catches on the back of the neck. In fact, my hair seems to matt regardless of hats or necklaces.

Last week I started using hemp seed oil in my hair, applied every couple of days just on the ends (from bottom of my ears down including scalp) and WOAH. What a transformation.

I barely even need to brush it?! Heaven! And after a long walk with a wooly hat (normally hair matting central), I can get my fingers all through my hair ends. No knots! REVOLUTIONARY. The ends look healthy and nourished, and leaves a very light oil residue that for me I love, as it gives my hair a floaty texture.

From personal experience, the hemp seed oil acts quickly and effectively. From the first use I was genuinely surprised at how moisturised my hair remained. I have applied it on wet hair after a shower, and also on unwashed hair. The results for me seem the same. IT JUST WORKS.

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