Five reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil when pregnant

Totally organic and 100% pure pressed hemp seed.

Dearest expecting mother, all the love to you and the growing bundle of joy inside your kind womb. This is an important time to smother your beautiful body in pure and natural products, to give you and your little hero the best set up in life.

Applying creams and oils topically, ie. directly onto the skin, is the best way to gain the benefits of vitamins and minerals. As the product soaks into the skin, it gets soaked up by the veins, entering the body directly at the bloodstream.

All the more reason to use all natural products on your skin. And using nature’s ‘most perfectly balanced oil’ - Hemp Seed - will also deeply nourish, re-balance and moisturise your skin. That’s a win-win-win.

Here’s five reasons why - on top of being a totally organic and natural product - Hemp Seed Oil is a great all rounder for pregnant times.

1. Clears breakouts - a really common symptom during pregnancy is skin breakouts. The balancing properties of Hemp Seed Oil will aid in returning your skin to its naturally balanced properties. Deeply moisturising, whilst allowing your skin to breath, as it does not clog pores.

2. Reduces scarring - Hemp Seed Oil promotes cellular turnover and regeneration, so it’s great to help heal and reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks. Just to note we love all the lines, on all the ladies, no matter where they are. But hemp seed oil will help soothe and smooth any lines you feel you want to reduce.

3. Contains Vitamin D - a vital vitamin for your all round health, this is the one we normally get from the sun. Importantly though for the little bubba, the big D vitamin is needed for supported and healthy growth in the bones and teeth. Necessary.

4. It also contains GLA - That’s Gamma-linolenic Acid, a wonderful fatty acid that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, AND a hormone regulator. This means it will support the reduction of inflammation in joints and skin. And, it can’t be a bad time to gently regulate those wild hormones.

5. Helps manage stress- We know how important a stress free pregnancy is, but as always life will just do its own thing and we can be on board or not. The Magnesium and Vitamin B in Hemp Seed Oil can counter the effects of stress on the body. Less stress and strain in the body with a bubba? Yes please.

Actually the list goes on! But we should stop at our five favourite reasons to smother your gorgeous self in hemp seed oil when pregnant. Wishing healthy joyful times ahead for you both!


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